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London (pt. 2)

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Day 2 started off early. Woke up at 5:30am. Went to Starbucks at 6:30am to get coffee and use free wi-fi. Corporate goodness. Our shuttle picked us up at 7:40am to start our journey out of London and onto Windsor Castle — the largest running castle in the whole lot of Europe. And where HM the Queen enjoys to frequent when not needed at Buckingham Palace. Surprising to us, Windsor is not off by itself in some isolated countryside, but rather incorporated within a quaint little town (or rather, the quaint little town grew as a tourist offshoot). At any rate, the castle was enjoyable to visit, and extravagantly decorated. as one would expect a castle to be decorated fit for the royal family. I would imagine this is the first of many castles to be visited along our journey through Europe and Asia. I would say Africa too, but do they even have castles there? What would that amount to — three-room instead of a one-room straw hut…

If we were to visit Windsor again, I think we would be better off taking the train out there and leisurely spend the day / half-day enjoying the town. The hour and a half allotted by the tour company to view the castle didn’t leave us any time to visit any of the seemingly nice shops and restaurants in town. On to Bath.

Bath, the city of, is another quaint town you could spend a day or two visiting on your own. After touring the roman bath in Bath, there wasn’t enough time to explore the town. But that might be because we spent 35 minutes in the Apple store in Bath checking email / internet-ing. Free internet!!! Anyway, future F and M, rent a car / train, spend more time in Bath and less time in the Apple store. (unless iPhone 14 is just introduced while you’re there and you have to have to play with it)

Stonehenge is a pile of large rocks. Pictures we took were of large rocks. The large rocks are in some mysterious formation. We took pictures of that. Joking aside, I was really excited about visiting Stonehenge. That was, to me, the focal point of the day’s tour. I knew not to expect too much, afterall, when you think about it, Stonehenge really is just a bunch of stone positioned in some mysterious way. But, that, I suppose is the intrigue. Why the heck would people long ago form Stonehenge?? Was it some religious monument, sacrificial altar, timepiece? Or were a bunch kids laying around smoking pre-historic weed/opium and said, “you know what would be really funny….heh huh huh. Let’s get some stones….”

So that was our day-trip to the surrounding areas of London. Good glimpse of places to visit when we want to visit the UK in the future but not want to visit London. Long post…and boring. I promise future ones won’t be as long, but still boring.

(By the way, we haven’t had satisfying meals for the last couple of days and Miriam is getting cranky and complaining…)