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Back to Life, Back to Reality

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

We’re back.  After a hectic week and a crazy 24 hours leading up to the big day, then three weeks gallivanting around Australia and the South Pacific, we’re finally back.  It’s weird being away for a month and coming back home.  In some ways, you expect things to be different — progress, any kind of progress, to have been made;  places/people to have changed or altered — but of course, in a month they are not.  Everything is more or less the same as when we left it some 30 days ago.  Although, opening the door to our place we were pleasantly greeted by stacks and stacks of boxes courtesy of our registry.  That was nice.

At any rate, there’s lots to update, lots to catch-up on.  Among other things, tons of pictures to sift through, organize and catalog.  Several travel journal entries to edit and parse, and eventually upload onto this site as a retrospective account on our daily events during our days away.

In the meantime, as we catch up on these matters, let me whet your appetites by posting online the family and friends slideshow we played during the wedding reception.  For worry of making the slideshow too long, but also wanting to include the many pictures we had, I feel that the pictures in the slideshow went by too fast.  So here now, you can play/pause at your leisure.

Frank & Miriam Slideshow

p.s.  The image above links to the slideshow via the photo section of our website, which you’ll have to register/log-in to view.

Wedding Accommodations

Monday, June 1st, 2009

Terranea Resort

For those of you who are attending our wedding and need hotel accommodations, please check out Terranea Resort.  This is the same hotel that is detailed on our wedding website, but if you book by June 8th, they are having a 50% off Summer Sale.  That means you can book rooms at rates starting from $165.  A small price to pay to avoid drinking and driving after the reception.  Click here to book rooms online.