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Saturday Night…Day

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

The weekends are the best. Saturdays are even better. This Saturday was even better better. Full day of good televised sports. UCLA in the NCAA tournament (though they lost). Then South Korea in the semifinals of the World Baseball Classic, which they killed Venezuela 10-2 to advance to the finals. Be the reds!!

On top of all that, we decided to walk over to Delfina Pizzeria on Fillmore and picked up two pies. THEN…we had a little Pinot Noir tasting in our living room. Yes, just the two of us. But we figured, we’re eating Delfina pizza, why the hell not.

First off, we started with my 1999 Domaine Drouhin pinot. I figured, its been 10 years, Pinot are probably well matured by now. (Side note, I bought this bottle like in 2001, and have been saving it since waiting for the right moment/occasion to open it up. I guess a random Saturday night in 2009 was the “right” occasion). We opened the bottle, poured the contents into our decanter and let it breathe. After some time, mmm. mmm. mmm. This isn’t a wine review entry so there will be no descriptions about earthy tones, or sweet blackberries or tobacco and coffee hints, with a taste of chocolate. Whatever the hell all that even means. It tasted like wine and alcohol. It tasted like…good. Well worth the 10 year wait.

Then, we decided, why not open another bottle simultaneously and compare. M likes…nay, loves Duckhorn’s Migration pinot noir; and since we had several bottles of their 2007 as well as their 2006, why not open a bottle of the 2006 and see how Napa Valley pinots compare against Willamette Valley pinots. So off we were, a 2006 Duckhorn Migration pinot against a 1999 Domaine Drouhin pinot. Who would win? Who would emerge the dominant player in the pinot market? Well, there were no winners. Because when it comes to alcohol, the true winner is always the imbiber.

Beisbol spoken here.