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The Ring

Friday, March 13th, 2009

So the new season of South Park just started this past week.  Oh, those little elementary school kids…

Anyway, if you don’t follow it, nor know the characters, the following may not be funny to you, but it was to me…

Butters: “Fellas, hey fellas.  I heard that Kenny is still going out with that slut Tammy Warner.”

Kyle: “Yeah, but it’s okay Butters.  They have purity rings now.”

Butters: “Uh, what’s that?”

Stan: “They’re rings that says they’re not going to have sex or do anything naughty anymore.”

Butters: “Huh…a ring that says that you’ll be together but not have sex…Isn’t that called a wedding ring…”

heh heh heh…oh those kids.