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Retrospective Entry #3

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

From our Travel Journal written Friday, July 10th:

Today is Friday, July 10th, 3:30am local time at the Papeete Airport.  We’ve just arrived on our Air New Zealand flight from Cairns via Aukland and are killing time at the airport until our 7:30am flight onto Bora Bora.  The airport at Papeet is an open-air smal airport not unlike ones at Koh Samui and Hamilton Island (more about Hamilton Island in a later entry).  Surprisingly, we’re not the only ones at the airport burning the midnight oil awaiting early morning flights onto tother islands in French Polynesia.  Miriam is sitting next to me laying her head on the table atop the Air New Zealand blanket she “borrowed” from our flight.  I’m using this time to fill-in the journal and catch up on the previous week of activities during our Australian leg of the honeymoon.  The honeymoon I endearingly call, “Miriam’s honeymoon.”

Here’s the sequence of our stay in Australia:

Tuesday, June 30 – Thursday, July 2: Brisbane
Thursday, July 2 – Sunday, July 5: Noosa Heads / Fraser Island
Sunday, July 5 – Wednesday, July 8: Arlie Beach / Whitsunday Islands
Wednesday, July 8 – Thursday, July 9: Hamilton Island
Thursday, July 9 – Friday, July 10: Cairns

After spending the first couple of days in Brisbane, we hopped onto a Greyhound bus up to Noosa Heads, a small resort town about 2.5 hours north of Brisbane.  Checking into the hotel, I had previously mentioned to them we were there on our honeymoon; and lo and behold, awaiting in our room was a nice, chilled bottle of sparkling wine (2 bottles of sparkling wine running tally).


Noosa Heads was a nice little resort town along the water and had a great national park nearby with lovely hiking trails.  We spent the first day walking around the town, aka Hastings Street, poking our head into the shops and scouting out restaurants for dinner.  (Much to our amazement, all the restaurants we tried in Noosa were fantastic).  Granted, they all cost more than average (e.g., ~$30 per entree), but it wasn’t like we purposely scoped out pricer places — all/most of the restaurants in Noosa were in this price range.

We went to Berardo’s Bistro on the Beach (amazing seafood linguine where I literally licked the plate clean); Zachary’s Pizza (not your deep-dish Berkeley pizzeria, but quite the opposite, really thin-crust pizza.  Miriam’s new favorite pizza joint…in Australia); Wasabi’s (sushi restaurant along the Noosa River and had wagyu sushi).

200907-noosa-005 200907-noosa-016 200907-noosa-026

We took one of the days in Noosa to just relax and go to a spa and get massages.  We got misled into thinking it was a 90-minute couples massage, when in fact it was a 60-minute couples massage with a 30-minute use of their private couples courtyard and bath.  We were not pleased, although the massage itself was nice.

The other highlight of our stay in Noosa Heads was our day trip tour to Fraser Island.  Fraser Island is apparently the largest sand island in the world, and is only accessible via ferry and 4WD vehicles.  The island itself has no actual paved roads; but rather, vehicles traverse literally along the beaches and sand.  We rode in a Land Cruiser SUV with four other people and thoroughly enjoyed bouncing around on the uneven sand and driving alongside the breaking ocean waves.  Venturing into the heart of the island we stopped to take a short guided hike into the island’s rain forest.  Afterwards, it was onto our lunch spot near Lake McKenzie.  Lake McKenzie was absolutely amazing.  Pristine, blue water against the fine white sandy shores.  The sand was so fine that our tour guide said that it was good for exfoliating the skin.  Miriam tried this on her hands and feet and was convinced they turned out softer.  I nodded my head in agreement with her, but can’t help to think that it might just be all in her mind.  All in all, Noosa Heads and Fraser Island was a great little escape to a resort town with wonderful scenery along the water.

200907-noosa-015 200907-noosa-051 200907-noosa-055

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