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Thursday, September 17th, 2009

If you’re reading this online, you’ll notice some changes to the website.  Unfortunately, there are no new features, only layout and color redesign.  I got bored with the old design…and like Obama says, needed some change.  Hopefully this new layout will give me a little more flexibility should I want to add certain things.  But chances are, I’ll probably get bored with this design and end up doing something different again.

Well, let me know what you think.  Also, let me know if there are things that don’t work (like the website itself).  I find most browsers, except Internet Explorer, will display this website the best.  I have tested it with most OS/browser combinations, but can’t verify if it works with older browsers (i.e., IE6).  I figure, if you’re still browsing the web with IE6, you probably don’t deserve to be reading updated websites anyway.  If you’re still browsing with IE6, chances are not being able to read our website is the least of your online concerns (i.e., your computer is probably infested with malware/viruses, you suffer from identity theft, web 2.0 to you means being able to now view graphics/pictures online).

On a separate note, I know I know, I’ve promised to upload Bora Bora pictures — the remaining piece of the honeymoon pictures.  And I will…eventually.  In fact, we just received 4 DVDs full of pictures from our wedding photographer containing all of our engagement session photos as well as all of our wedding photos.  So we need to go through all those too and put them online.  Good thing the hosting service I use (thanks to Conrad’s recommendation) allows for unlimited storage space.  Yay!

Stay tuned…