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Mac (not Shu) musing…

Monday, November 24th, 2008

So I got my first Mac back in 2004, a white 12? iBook.  At the time, I had only been using PCs (except in elementary school when all the school computer labs had Apple IIe with green and black screen monitors…classic).  Anyway, I bought the iBook because I wanted to see what the Mac fuss was all about, and also to learn the Mac OS.  The iBook was perfect for this task.  It was small and very portable.  It had no aspirations to be a replacement computer (that I left up to my IBM Thinkpad docked to a monitor).  The iBook handled simple computer tasks such as internet surfing and chatting.  For real “work” tasks, the PC was still more efficient, especially with keyboard shortcuts.

Now, fast-forward 4 years, and I have still have my trusty little iBook (and IBM Thinkpad for that matter), and both continue to serve me well.  The iBook is still small and very portable, while the PC still handles the heavy lifting (i.e., the ability to use keyboard shortcuts in Excel/Word/Powerpoint, media serving, etc.).  However, the other day, I picked up a Macbook Pro.  And all I can say is a whole new world has opened up to me.

Obviously 4 years is eons in terms of computer technology turnover so I’m not too bewildered by performance increase, etc.  But in the 4 year span, the biggest difference to me is Apple’s shift from a PowerPC processor/architecture (my iBook) to an Intel processor/architecture (my Macbook Pro).  Granted, Apple’s shift to Intel processors happened a couple years ago, but for me, it happened last week.  What this means is I can install Windows onto my Mac!! (with the help of enabling software)

I did this over the weekend, and it is great.  It is literally having Windows/PC on an Apple/Mac hardware, which to me, translates to being able to use all the native PC keyboard shortcuts and macros in Excel that couldn’t be used on the Mac-version of Excel.  Absolutely wonderful.

Running Windows on an Intel-based Mac is like a mullet, “business up front, party in the back”