Seoul (Korea)

Frank has been delinquent with blog posts so I am skipping ahead to Korea for just this post.

September 14, 2010 (Tuesday) – September 27, 2010 (Monday):

For two whole weeks, for every lunch and dinner, we met with relatives of Frank’s and mine in Seoul. ┬áThis was detrimental to my plan to lose some weight before Hami’s wedding in October, but who can say no to delicious Korean food? Our meals included buffet at various hotels, hanjungsik (traditional Korean course meal), hwe (sashimi), grilled pig skin and chicken feet, ddukbokgi and many more… Although we hardly had any time to go off on our own to do some sightseeing around Seoul, we were very happy that we invested all our time there to meet and get to know our aunts/uncle/cousins/other relatives. Who knows…it may be another ten years before we come back to our motherland… and at which time, we may have a whole new set of faces to get to know.

Even though it had been more than ten years since I had last hung out with my relatives in Korea, it felt as if I had just seen them. For me, walking around in Korea and seeing familiar faces brought back many fond memories from living in Korea. I realized once again that blood is thicker than water. We thank all of our families in Korea for taking time out of their busy schedule to spend time with us and treating us so nicely. We thank Yoon-ah unni’s family especially for letting us stay with them for two weeks and making us feel at home! We will miss you all!

We often forgot to take pictures, but here are some pictures we remembered to take in Korea.

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