We interrupt this travel blog with a random note.  By now, you’ve already guessed, I’m about a month behind in updating the blog.  Today is September 3rd, and the last entry recalls events from August 2nd while we were in Germany…we’re currently (back) in Brussels.  I still have posts for Germany, Verona, Zagreb, Tokaji, Budapest, Vienna, Prague, and Berlin that I need to post (and write).  Basically, everything from the past month.  These will come….eventually.

But in the meantime, enough about the past, how about the present.  We’re in Brussels for the day/night, before we head to London for the weekend, then off to Russia.  And it so happens, it’s our dating anniversary.  Who still celebrates that after they get married, anyway?  Afterall, there’s already the wedding anniversary to celebrate.  Anyway, I suppose we didn’t really celebrate, we just went out to dinner.  And it got me thinking, where were we for the previous five (dating) anniversaries.

2005: New York (the beginning…what I like to refer to as the “sell weekend”)
2006: Los Angeles
2007: Napa
2008: San Francisco
2009: Las Vegas
2010: Brussels

So, looking back, we’ve always been in a different city.  It’s weird.  We never really consciously tried to be in a different city to celebrate, it seems to have happened that way.

Well, that’s that.  Now back to our regularly (delayed) scheduled programming…


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