Romantic Road (Germany) – pt. 2

August 2, 2010 (Monday) – August 5, 2010 (Thursday):

Situated atop a hillside above the river Tauber, Rothenburg ob der Tauber is the quintessential Bavarian town. If you see pictures of old Bavaria, it’s as if they would all be pictures from Rothenburg. Not even Disney could have recreated such a perfectly replicated historic town. The town, with its picturesque buildings and architecture, and surrounding defensive walls and towers, remains as if preserved in a time capsule without human interference for centuries. In fact, that was actually the case. After the Thirty Years War and the plague in the 1600s, Rothenburg became desolate and poverty-striken, and thus abandoned for hundreds of years. The city and buildings in essence preserved without any inhabitants. Not until the 1800s, did people again begin to populate the town.  Eventually, tourism began to flourish with visitors coming from all around to view the essentially preserved historic town. As they say in Rothenburg, history’s poverty creates a future’s wealth.

While in Rothenburg, we didn’t do much in terms of visiting inside museums/castles/churches, as the town itself is a living, breathing museum. Just by walking through the streets of Rothenburg, you can’t help but admire the old town. On one of the nights, we took a walking tour through the town guided by a medieval night watchman (a medieval policeman, if you will). A great way to explore the town and get an entertaining little history lesson at the same time.

We spent a couple of days in Rothenburg, before we continued on our road trip down the Romantic Road towards Dinkelsbuhl, then to Augsburg (our last stop on this portion of the Romantic Road before we stopped in Munich).

In Dinkelsbuhl, we had lunch and spent the afternoon riding bikes around the town.  I have to mention again, but Miriam is becoming quite the bicycle rider. After never having ridden bikes together, we spent an afternoon biking in Tiburon before we left San Francisco; then on this trip, we spent a day biking in Amsterdam, and now, biking in Dinkelsbuhl. I think the innocent gift of a bicycle windbreaker jacket given to Miriam by her friend, Elise, originally thought to be used just as a light jacket has instead possessed Miriam’s soul into wanting to ride bikes.  Now, if only there were such a jacket to inspire Miriam into wanting to give me daily back massages…

As for Augsburg, we didn’t do much there. For us, it was really just a pit stop where we would spend the night before heading into Munich. And after spending the night in Augsburg, I’m not quite sure why it’s included along the path of the Romantic Road. It was quite different than all the other towns we visited. It was much larger (size and population), and didn’t really have the historic (“romantic”) looking buildings as all the other towns possessed. It felt just like any other midsize city. But….getting to Augsburg was the real thrill. Driving on the Romantic Road, you’re traveling on the back-country roads of Germany. What I really wanted (and was looking forward to in Germany) was driving on the other famed German road, the autobahn. So we took a detour and ditched the Romantic Road. And I veered onto the autobahn and let our Audi stretch her legs. 80-100km/h (50-62mph), that’s where we were cruising along for the past few days on the Romantic Road.  But now, on the autobahn…140km/h (87mph), the needle on the speedometer gently fought against gravity and began to rise. 180km/h (112mph), beads of sweat were beginning to gather between my palms and the steering wheel as I clenched the wheel harder. 200km/h (124mph), thoughts of regret began to form in my mind as I remembered I had no life insurance policy. And there we were, cruising at 200km/h along on the autobahn. I had visions of David Hasselhoff and Knight Rider wondering if our car too would transform into Super Pursuit Mode like K.I.T.T. at these speeds. And then, after not too long, we arrived in Augsburg.  California needs speed limit-less highways.

Tomorrow, we’ll be in Munich, where we’ll meet up with my two cousins (who live in Germany and are studying there) and their parents (who live in Korea and are visiting).  And also take a day-trip to visit Neuschwanstein Castle.

Visit the Photos to view more pictures from Rothenburg and Dinkelsbuhl.

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    beautiful pics!! did you guys take them or are they postcards… it’s not hard to photoshop miriam, you know?! =P are you guys getting homesick at all? don’t you miss us? =P

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