Romantic Road (Germany) – pt. 1

August 1, 2010 (Sunday) – August 2, 2010 (Monday):

The famous Romantic Road (Romantische Strasse) in Germany. A stretch of country road spanning 353km (or 219 miles) passing through various villages, many keeping intact its medieval buildings and towns. Very romantic. What’s not romantic?…McDonald’s.

Having a McDonald’s right in front of our hotel in Mainz, we decided to go to their drive-thru to save time before we began our journey along the Romantic Road to our first stop, Wurzburg. What we didn’t plan for was a non-English speaking McDonald’s employee manning the drive-thru microphone. We ordered (or rather attempted to order) a #1 and #2. (That’s an egg mcmuffin meal and sausage mcmuffin with egg meal, for you McDonald’s novices out there). Instead, what we saw on the drive-thru display was 2 happy meals and 1 orange juice. Hmmm….that doesn’t seem right, something definitely got lost in translation. So we tried again, and explained what we wanted again. Now what we saw on the drive-thru display was 3 happy meals, 2 orange juices, and 1 coffee. Figuring that this method wasn’t going to work, we ended up just going inside and ordering, where we could just point to the pictures of the food items we wanted. Lesson learned — don’t use drive-thrus in foreign countries when you don’t speak the language.

Belly full, we were on our way to Wurzburg. Once we got closer to Wurzburg, just as we were entering the city limits, we got a glimpse of what we would be seeing for the next few days along the Romantic Road: remains of medieval walls that once protected city limits, old cobblestone streets, buildings intact (or rebuilt) in medieval and baroque styles. This would be a trip back in time to witness how towns may have looked (minus all the cars).

Wurzburg was a great start. There, we toured the Residenz, a one-time palace to the ruling prince-bishops. Inside, we saw the baroque style of apartments (living quarters) where each subsequent room was more decorated than the previous; as well as the ornate decorations and vaulted frescos. Outside, we walked through their magnificent garden, enjoying its sculpted flowerbeds.

It was also here in Wurzburg, that we went to our first real beer garden on this trip. Walking through the town and seeing the sights, we began to realize the humidity and the burning sun was beating down upon our unshaded bodies. We needed relief. So, we ducked into the beer garden acorss the river. The setting was perfect, right along the river under shaded groves of leafy trees. Picnic tables strewn across and along the ~50ft wide by ~100ft long grassy area. Beer and wurst, with saurkraut and potatoes. What a nice meal, escaping the 90degree heat, under the tree-shaded beer garden. Thank you, you giving trees.

The next morning we were off to continue our road trip towards Rothenburg (with pit stops in Weikersheim, Creglingen, and Detwang). But before we left, we noticed while walking through Wurzburg these odd-shaped wine bottles. Not your typical slender wine bottles with narrowing shoulders and neck; but instead, shorter, fat and round bottles, almost canteen-like looking. We soon found out these were the bottles of Franconian wines, wines famous in this region. So of course, we had to visit a Franconian winery. So that’s what we did the morning we left Wurzburg. The wine wasn’t bad, but the bottles were what drew us. Wurzburg, check. On to the next one.

We took a pit stop in Weikersheim to have lunch and tour another castle/palace. Another palace done in the baroque style, with a lush and vast garden. Unfortunately, many of these castles/palaces/museums do not allow pictures inside (what a crock). So all you get are pictures of the exterior. If you want pictures of the inside, I suggest you use Google Images and search for the pictures. I suppose I could do it for you and post them here, but you clearly have nothing else to do since you’re here reading this blog.

To view more pictures from Wurzburg / Weikersheim / Detwang, visit the Photos.

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    mcdonalds, again?! =P the scenery is that beautiful or someone’s photography skills are improving on the trip as well.

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