Lake District (pt. 1)

July 8, 2010, Thursday:

Welcome to the Lake District.   The Lake District is an area (National Park?) in North Western England comprised of many little towns, hiking trails, and yup, you guessed it, lakes.   The particular town we stayed in was Ambleside.   A quaint, little town with outdoors/hiking shops galore.   Surrounding Ambleside were various mountain ranges and rolling green hills.   And about a mile down the road, a calm, vast lake.

After taking the train from London into the Lake District, then a 20 minute bus ride into Ambleside, we were in search of our B&B.   With no area map in sight, we trekked our 2 rollie bags and respective daypacks to the town’s tourist info office about 0.5 mile into the town’s center.   Of course, once we get there, we find out our B&B was afterall only about a block from where the bus let us off.  So we lug our belongings back down through the town to where we would call home for the next 3 nights.

After several days of wonderful weather in London, the weather in the Lake District was going to take a turn for the not so good — rain was forecasted for the remainder of the days we were to be in the Lake District.   Knowing this, we wanted to take advantage of the only day of sunshine, so we quickly unpacked then ventured off for an “easy” trail hike up to Todd Krag, where we would be able to see a 360 degree view of Ambleside and its surroundings.   We would quickly come to find that “easy” is a relative term when the Lake District is an area known for its plethora of hiking choices.   The hike started off leisurely with a nice flat stroll through Rothay Park.  Then we turned into the forest and the trail gradually started to incline.  No big deal, this is categorized as an “easy” hike, we’ve walked hills in San Francisco.  In fact, we saw several elderly couples with their dogs doing this hike.   About 30 minutes later, we were huffing and puffing and sweating, but we still weren’t at the top.  It came to a point where we were already so vested into the hike, that turning back would’ve been a waste of already spent energy.  So onward and upward we trekked.   Long story short, we made it the top and the view was well worth the trek.   Well technically, only I made it to the top.  Miriam was too spent and plopped down to rest / turn back down about 10 minutes from the top (not knowing at the time the top was 10 minutes away).  But in her defense, I did take her on a couple of wrong turns / trackbacks along the way up.  At any rate, we’re glad we did that hike on the first day, when the sun was still shining, as the next two days proved to be gray and wet.

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  1. Thuy says:

    Those are beautiful pictures! What a nice hike!

  2. jeesoo says:

    it’s so lush there! it looks like you photoshopped the goat in – are you really on the hike?! =) must be so romantic (come b back preggers! hehe. jk.).

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