London (pt. 3)

We’re currently in the Lake District (Northwest England), in a little town called Ambleside.  We’ve been here the past 3 days and are taking off to Edinburgh in the morning.  What does that mean?  That means we’re almost 1 week into our trip, and I’m already behind on blog posting and picture uploading.  Great.

It’s already late in the evening / early morning, and I spent the last couple of hours organizing the pictures from our time in London.  What I’ve noticed: 1.) I’ve taken a lot of bad, useless pictures which I’ve now had to go through and parse and 2.) there aren’t very many personal pictures; just lots of anonymous scenery / building pictures.  For instance, on our last night in London (until we return in September to fly out to Moscow), we met up with a couple of Miriam’s old coworkers, Katie and Tom (not those Tom and Katie, i.e., TomKat) at a bar to hang-out and watch the Germany-Spain World Cup match.  We have zero pictures with either of them…but have pictures of random dusk scenes.

So of all the places we actually have friends in the locale, we don’t take any pictures with them.  Great.  Anyway, the next update will have what we did in the Lake District, but in the meantime, I’ve uploaded the pictures from our time in London.

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