London (pt. 1)

UPDATE: Pictures added.

This post will not currently have any pictures since I am posting via Blackberry (free wi-fi at a London public library. Yay for London-tax-paying dollars). Miriam is playing on the computer doing some silly stuff like looking for a hotel room for us to stay in tonight…psh. So pictures will come once I commandeer the computer back.

We arrived in London after a non-eventful direct flight from LAX. Upon arriving, we spent literally an hour at the foreign exchange counter figuring out what the best method of converting our hard earned dollars into lousy pounds (having two finance people working on this does not make this exercise any easier, only complicates monetary philosophies). At any rate, the summary is if you have BofA checking account, you can pull out foreign cash from certain foreign ATMs (e.g. Barclays in UK) without incurring ATM fees and get far better exchange rates than those counters. And for everything else that doesn’t require cash, use Capital One credit card, no foreign transactions fees (AMEX/Visa/MC charge ~3%) and competitive exchange rates.

So that’s how we spent our first hour in London. Fun times. (Side note: in my Mrs. Kirby fourth grade elementary school class, we were first introduced to “show-not-tell” writing. Usage of metaphors, similes, adjectives, etc., to enhance the descriptive nature of writing and make your prose more interesting. If you are in fourth grade, or reading other people’s writings to learn how to better write, stop reading this blog now! I employ the “tell-and-tell-some-more” philosophy of writing. You will gain nothing from reading my blog, except a lot of useless information.)

We spent the first day in London getting our bearings like a lion surveying the plain for potential game. We made note of several places we would frequent to satisfy our growing hunger, as we made our way to the British visitors/tourist office on Regent street. At the office we gathered local information as well as booked a tour to Windsor Castle / Bath / Stonehenge for the following day. Nothing too exciting, but at least we knew we would at least accomplish one activity on our trip. The rest of the day was spent meandering through Central London and lounging/reading/basking in the sun at St. James Park. Dinner for the evening was at Wagamama. A noodle shop recommended by one of Miriam’s friend. Wagamama has several locations throughout London (as well as other cities), and we must have gone to the wrong location as our meals weren’t that great. The place seemed to have potential, but we suspect our noodles weren’t cooked thoroughly because both of our ramens weren’t very good. The broth was also bland. Oh well, the gyoza wasn’t bad. After dinner, we walked back to our hotel and turned in at 6:30pm. Hello jet lag.

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