So, we went to Vegas recently.  And by we, I mean Miriam and I…not my guy friends and I.  Which in and itself was quite weird.  I’ve been going to Vegas probably at least twice a year for the past 12 years and each time I’ve gone with my friends.  And most of the time, we go for a weekend, eat at the hotel’s food court or whatever restaurant that’s in the hotel, and basically never leave the casino.  However, this time, going with the wife, there was two gourmet restaurants (Cut and Joel Robuchon), a Las Vegas show (Cirque du Soleil ‘O’), time by the pool, and walking around outside.  Clearly, a very different Las Vegas trip than I’m used to.  Different, but still fun.

Oh, and by the way.  What they say about lady luck is not true.  I did not win.

Well, here’s a sample of pictures from the weekend.  As usual, the full album can be viewed in the Photos section.  Enjoy.

200909-lv-006 200909-lv-001 200909-lv-008 200909-lv-016 200909-lv-018 200909-lv-033

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4 Responses to “Food”

  1. christine says:

    anniversary? what anniversary? is that you trying to score a free dessert?! =) how was joel robuchon? i always walk by there and it looks so posh…it is all that and more?

  2. Miriam says:

    You’re a liar… you said you would never go back to vegas with me cuz you didn’t get to stay up all night gambling nor drink to your heart’s content..
    Robuchon was awesome… can’t complain when you get caviar served as amuse bouche!

  3. Phindiswa says:

    FWIW: I throw potatoes (along with catrros, onions, etc.) in with the turkey/chicken, then simply use the immersion blender to incorporate it into the stock. Strain it all through a fine sieve, and you’ll get a nice gravy without flour. For those who are part of the no gluten thing, this is a great way to go. And because you are using the potatoes roasted along with the bird, the flavor is great. Give it a whirl.

  4. Kadija says:

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