Retrospective Entry #1

From our Travel Journal written Friday, July 3, 2009:

After 20+ hours of travel, we finally checked into our hotel, Quay West, in Brisbane on Tuesday, June 30th at 1:30pm local time.  Our travels began Sunday, June 28th, on an Air New Zealand flight departing LAX at 10:30pm, and included a 13.5 hour flight to Auckland, a 2 hour layover, 3.5 hour flight into Brisbane, and finally a couple hours through customs/baggage claim/cab ride into the city.

Our honeymoon possibly may not have even happened since somebody forgot to check if visas were required to Australia (they are).  But fortunately when we checked in for our flight we were able to purchase visas on the spot.  Whew!

Back at our hotel in Brisbane, we washed up and set out to explore the city.  We took in the city Centre, including City Hall, King George Square and the Treasury Building.  And soon enough Miriam complained she was cold, since she had packed for warmer weather and omitted packing a warm jacket.  For some reason, I find we always spend our first day on a trip shopping for omitted goods — Oahu was swimming trunks that fit; Maui was sunglasses; Singapore was camera; Brisbane is jacket.  Miriam says that’s the fun of traveling — to go shopping!  I suppose.  But I thought the fun of traveling is sightseeing.  Oh well, I guess this is what I married into, better enjoy shopping.

Walking across the Victoria Bridge we made our way to the West End to have an authentic Australian meal at Tukka.  Our meal consisted of crocodile and emu.  Surprisingly, the crocodile was a white meat with consistency of chicken but tougher, while the emu (though in the bird family) was a red meat with a consistency closer to venison.  Both were tasty and quite edible.  Although we found this Australian cuisine restaurant, we noticed they were few and far in between.  The majority of restaurants were of other fare, mostly international.

Having had our fill of Australian cuisine, we made our way back to our hotel to enjoy our complimentary bottle of champagne, courtesy of our hotel, since we mentioned we were traveling on our honeymoon.  Everywhere we went, I was sure to mention this in hopes to conjure free items or upgrades.  In fact, I think for the next year, anywhere we travel, I’m still going to mention we’re traveling for our honeymoon.  Let’s see how long I can keep this racket up before guilt sets in…

As for this honeymoon, I’ll keep a running tally of complimentary goods/services, but so far: 1 bottle of champagne.

200906-brisbane-004 200906-brisbane-005 200906-brisbane-010 200906-brisbane-011 200906-brisbane-012 200906-brisbane-013

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  1. Jean says:

    Frank, you are hilarious. So did you get a lot of free goodies? I employed your tactic and told our waitress that Jinny just got engaged and that we were going wedding dress shopping after brunch, and she brought us a plate of cookies! 🙂

    Love all the food photos.

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