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iPad2 Acquisition Game Plan

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

So, with today’s announcement from Amazon and their tablet Kindle…Kindle Fire, my dubious plan for the iPad2 acquisition for my own, personal (not shared) use will almost be complete.

Operation iPad2 Acquisition:

Step 1: Wait in line for several hours on release date and purchase iPad2.  Convince wife that said purchase is a gift for her. CHECK!

Step 2: Persuade wife that tablet device is a productive tool…cite Kindle application, recipe/kitchen use, convenient mail/web usage. CHECK!

Step 3: Purchase low-cost/basic Kindle device, again for wife. Wean wife off of iPad use, and onto Kindle device use. CHECK!

Step 4: Slowly monopolize iPad use for self. CHECK!

Step 5: Purchase Kindle Fire tablet, again for wife. Wife will soon forget about using iPad since Kindle Fire will satisfy all her basic needs from a tablet device.

Step 6: Bask in the glorious victory of acquiring an iPad2 for sole, non-shared, usage. Muhahaha…