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Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Sometimes I’m cutting edge.  Sometimes I’m just not.  Sometimes I think I’m hip, I’m cool.  Sometimes I’m just not.  Sometimes I think I’m in the know.  Sometimes I’m just not.  Sometimes I rhyme slow.  Sometimes I rhyme quick.

Anyway, we went down to LA this past weekend and rented a car from good ol’ reliable black and gold Hertz.  Normally I don’t care much for the added extras (e.g., NeverLost, Sirius, child seats).  And this time was no different.  However, as fate would have it, our time driving down coincided with one of the NBA conference finals game.  Obviously, watching the game while driving was not an option, but how could I get my NBA fix.  “The NBA…it’s FAN-tastic!”  No wait, it’s now, “Where Will Amazing Happen.”  Definitely not in our souped-up, blood red, mid-size Kia Optima.  Or will it.  Lo and behold, thanks to the miracles of Sirius Satellite radio (which was apparently thrown in into the car we rented, because I sure didn’t request it), amazing did happen in our car.  We were able to tune into the ESPN Radio broadcast of the game and caught the whole 4th quarter.  The NBA…it’s FAN-tastic.

Once the game ended, I was fully prepared to listen to my iPod (connecting it to the car) and the glorious playlist I had set up for long drive down.  But I figured, Sirius was good to me before, maybe I should give it another chance to entertain me.  So I scanned the hundreds of channel offerings, and came across two channels that played clips of stand-up comedy routines.  I thought, “hmm, this could be interesting.  I like comedy and stand-up routines, who doesn’t; except for maybe Scrooge McDuck and the Grinch.”  And wouldn’t you know it, I never listened to my iPod for the whole weekend.  I didn’t even listen to my beloved KROQ or Kevin and Bean while I was in LA for the weekend.  The whole weekend, the radio was tuned into the two comedy channels.  Sirius/XM radio has been around now for almost a decade (or at least XM has), and only now, did I actually get to experience it.  The NBA…it’s FAN-tastic.

Okay.  Now having said all that, I still wouldn’t pay ~$12/month to get Sirius/XM in my personal car.  I’m just not in the car that much.  Even if I was, I still wouldn’t.  I know a lot of people get Sirius just so they can listen to Howard Stern, and to them, that alone is worth getting Sirius.  Not me.  It was a nice treat to have for our drive down to LA, but not something I would want to subscribe to.  If I didn’t have it, no big deal, I’d just listen to regular FM radio or my iPod.  But if Hertz wants to throw it in for my rental, by all means.  Siriusly.

That’s my story.


Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Can’t believe Adam didn’t win! 

I get hooked on this show every season for some reason… and for this season, he was the reason why I watched it every week! Anyway, I found this clip of him singing “Come Home” at Upright Cabaret on New Year’s Eve… a perfect combination of beautiful voice and the piano. This is where I belonged on New Year’s Eve in 2008 =(