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The Depot…not Skate

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

The economy is tough.  All this talk about a recession, a depression.  Then there’s Swine Flu…oh excuse me, I mean H1N1 influenza A.  I wouldn’t want to mislead anyone into a panic and have them destroy all the pigs in their country.

Anyway, I’m not posting this to rant about the troubles of the world.  In fact, I’m actually quite surprised about what companies are doing to do what they can to survive this economic downturn.  I was perusing the internet as I so often do daily, and came across this.  Quite amusing (to me).  Home Depot sells Playstations! Not only that, they have an Electronics department (at least online they do).  Which means, apparently, not only do they sell Playstations, but they also sell XBOX’s, digital cameras, TV’s.  I guess it makes sense since all those products are technically found in the home, but it’s definitely not the first thing I think of when I think of Home Depot.  I suppose with the decreased housing demand, Home Depot needed to diversify from their core products and start selling electronics.  Good for them.

Now, with this diversification, it begs to ask…all those people that sit in the parking lots of Home Depot in the morning, can you now pick them up and have them install and hook-up your TV and home stereo?