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Camera hag…I mean, bag

Saturday, December 20th, 2008

So, after purchasing a dSLR, I found myself carrying it around (duh), though not as often as I would like.  This is obviously in part due to its bulk, relative to its point-and-shoot cousins.  In addition to its bulk, I found that carrying the dSLR bare-bone somewhat worrisome…”do I want to risk damage and scratches to the camera and more importantly its lens.”  The solution, buy a camera bag.

Now, there are literally hundreds of options when it comes to camera bags.  But like all bags (fashion or otherwise), it comes down to personal choice.  Will it be “stylish”, will it be practical, compact, functional, etc.  And as anal as I am, when it comes to buying things, I needed to find something that satiated all my needs.  So after scouring through the hordes of options, I finally narrowed it down to one.  Well, actually two.

You see, despite all the bag options available, I couldn’t find one that was a perfect all-in-one solution.  The bag either had all the options/features I wanted, but was too tacky/obvious camera bag-look.  Or the bag was compact, but didn’t possess enough functionality.  So in the end, I finally found two that I liked with each serving individual purposes.

The first bag is more of an everyday, walk-around bag.  The Crumpler Five Million Dollar Home shoulder bag:

five_million_dollar_home_bag     five_million_dollar_home_bag-open

The great thing about this bag, and the primary reason why I chose this bag, was its nondescript appearance.  When closed and slung across the shoulder, it looks like a small, ordinary messenger bag.  Though, it has all the goods to protect your valued dSLR — padded bag, configurable internal dividers, lightweight.  This bag definitely beats all the other camera bags out there, especially with respect to aesthetics.  This bag does come in several different sizes (ranging from Two Million Dollar  Home to Seven Million Dollar Home, as well as backpack style).  I’m a fan of Crumpler bags.  In addition to camera bags (of which they carry multiple sizes/types in addition to the one I purchased), they carry laptop bags, backpacks, travel bags, and of course messenger bags.  So if you’re in the market for a bag, camera or otherwise, I suggest you check them out.

Now, I mentioned that I settled on two camera bags.  And the reason is that despite the fact that the Crumpler bag provides for almost all that I would want in a camera bag, it’s a shoulder bag.  Meaning, for instance, if I was traveling or walking around for an extended period of time, a shoulder bag may not be as comfortable as a padded-strap backpack.  Hence, I purchased the Lowepro Fastpack 100.  The reason why I chose this bag was for its small footprint, ease of use and comfort.  Not to mention, that it looks like just a backpack and not a typical camera bag:

lowepro_fastpack_100     lowepro-fastpack_100-open

So those are my two camera bags choices/purchases.  Of course, there are other options and mainly, sizes; but, for my needs of wanting something small and lightweight (not to mention seamless styling) these two bags fit perfectly.