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Here. We. Go.

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

So after months of deliberation and indecisiveness, weighing the pros and cons, enlisting psychiatrists and psychoanalysts to make sure we weren’t crazy (or at least not crazier than the average person), we finally took the plunge and set in motion the dubious plan to live as nomads and scour the world.

Notice was given to our respective employers.  Hours Days Weeks were spent with various airline alliances to inquire about ideal routing/ticketing.  Sledgehammer was taken to Miriam’s nieces’ piggy banks.  Tickets were purchased.  Expedited passport fees were paid.  Foreign embassies were tackled.  Luggage options were explored.  Travel books were purchased.  Luggage options were re-explored.  Travel shots were administered.  Fears were overcome.  Bags are packed.

In the midst of all this chaos, we endured through the additional pain of moving out of our beloved San Francisco, and back to Los Angeles, to be closer to our friends and family (especially, to take advantage of free daycare :), should such a reason arise…post-travels).  Ay, there’s the rub…that’s the real impetus for us wanting to do this trip now, before the young-uns start a’comin’.

So without further ado, here is our tentative travel schedule:

7/4 – UK
7/14 – Ireland
7/21 – Switzerland
7/25 – Germany
7/31 – Italy
8/5 – Croatia
8/10 – Hungary
8/14 – Austria
8/17 – Czech Republic / Poland
8/22 – Germany
8/25 – Netherlands
8/30 – Belgium
9/4 – UK
9/6 – Russia
9/13 – South Korea
9/27 – Japan
10/12 – Shanghai / Beijing
10/25 – Hong Kong
10/28 – Vietnam/Laos/Cambodia
11/18 – South Africa
12/9 – Egypt
12/16 – UK
12/23 – Switzerland – Alps for Christmas (??)
12/28 – France – Paris for New Year’s
1/4 – Los Angeles

We’re really hoping people can come meet us at any of the various locations throughout our trip.  We’ll probably get sick of each other pretty quickly.  Come save us from ourselves!

If you can’t visit us in person, at least visit us virtually via this blog and Skype.  Leave comments so we know we’re not just talking to ourselves.  And since we’ll be taking our laptop and dSLR, I’m hoping to update the blog as often as wi-fi possible, with pictures…afterall, how else could I have conned convinced Miriam into letting me get a new laptop and telephoto lens 🙂  Thanks, hon…you’re the best!

I haven’t figured out what we’re doing about telecommunication yet, but for the interim (and definitely throughout the trip), we’ll be using Skype (yay video-chat!!).  Since I’d rather not publish our username over this oh-so-public medium, if you’re one of my (Frank’s) friends, my Skype username is listed on my Facebook profile.  Add me to your contacts!  Alternatively, you can go to our Contact page, and request it, and I’ll email it to you.

Okay, that’s about it for the intro.  Hope to see you guys soon!